Want to see how it works ?

The best thing to do is download the app to your phone and take a look at our sample camp.
No registration required. It takes about 30 seconds.




Easily Upload & view thousands of pictures & access them in one spot


Link videos form you Tube, Vemeo, or create your own 7-second videos


One spot for all of your important news


One simple and ultra organized calendar to tell about your events and activities


Learn about your group clientele. Set up easy and fun survey questions so users can vote on the answers


Direct link to your website that opens with one click


Set up Instant message groups (parents, alumni, friends, etc.) for instant messaging. 2 way or 1 way options. No limit to group size


Easily Upload & view thousands of pictures & access them in one spot


List important contact people in a group directory.

Audio Files

Create audio files, songs, instructions, speeches, etc.


Link all your forms in one spot. PDF files or website links


All your Social Media is now docked in one location for seamless access to everything about your camp


App user types

Regular User

Most users see all the features and posts on the app. They typically view your content but do not alter it. This give you control. But you do have the option to let users send a message in a group if you choose to allow it. Users can also post to the fan page (If activated), but all posts will go into a pending section and will not be seen unless you approve it.


Admin has full control to post anything on the app. Can be controlled from a website login or via a unique admin panel on your phone. Also any user or staff posts will always go into a pending section that the admin can instantly and easily approve or disapprove.


Staff is the same as a regular user, but has the option of uploading pictures to the pending picture section where an admin can approve or disapprove the pictures

Group Monitor

Has the ability to post messages to a specific message group when given permission