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License our app for your organization and upgrade your image X 10. Effective & Private communication with your group.
Develop long term loyalty, support, and fans of your business.

The Busines Problem

  • Group organizations need a way to effectively communicate what's going on to their members and followers.

  • They need to have control of their message and image.

  • They need a way to stand out from the social media clutter. They need privacy.

I have a website & Facebook already so why do I need a mobile app?

  • Your website and Facebook page competes with thousands of other people, sites, friends etc. When you license our app for your business then 100% of the attention is focused on your organization alone.

  • Websites are designed to tell the world about you. Our mobile app is designed to simply and quickly communicate to your private members on their phone.

  • A website is for information… a Mobile app is for communication…

The My Camp Link solution

  • The My Camp Link mobile app solves all this and more. Our app provides an amazing way to connect to your group. You have total control, you can easily post pictures, videos, audio files, news, calendar events, and much more. Dock your forms, send 1 way or 2-way push notifications, enable your staff or key members to submit items for approval. Survey your groups to get the real opinions of your members.
  • Private access controlled by a passcode. It combines all the good parts of social media, and strips away the bad by giving you total control because everything on your app is in an insulated environment
  • Designed for Camps, schools, large, and small private groups to tell the message they want to tell.
  • Your most important customer is your current customer. Keep them happy and informed with our mobile app and they are sure to stay with you forever.

Private Group communication

Too public, too busy, no control