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Transportation Updates

  • AC girls are running late. Estimated arrival time is about 4:15p
  • Adventure camp has left for the overnight.
  • All boys estimated to arrive at camp around 4:15 pm
  • Mechanical issues with the Calverton van. van in 15-20 minutes
  • Arrival time remains 5:45pm. Please pick up on time. Thank You!
  • Baltimore eta 4:35 PM today @ 7 mile market
  • Bus 9 had issues this morning. A new bus already came
  • Buses left camp 11 am. expected arrival in Lawrence 130 pm.
  • Girls will be back at 3:30. Pick up from the pick up Lane as usual
  • jfk boys were picked up by bus and are on the way to camp
  • Returning at 8:45pm. Please pick up properly.
  • We are coming across the George Washington Bridge
  • We have arrived at Hershey camping ground. Setting up our tents now

I LOVE this APP (And your group will too)

  • Guys good to see an interest in the app.
  • I love it! Cool
  • I love the pictures. Dominic forgot to tell us he went sailing!
  • I love this app. so cool & I love the videos
  • I saw my son on one photo... Could you take more pics of the boys
  • Lots of photos with plenty to do.
  • Love seeing pictures!
  • loving this app!!
  • Thanks so much for the pictures!
  • This is GREAT!
  • This is so cool!!!
  • Very cool Rich! ????
  • Whaaaaatttt!? I like this already!!


  • today is photo day. comes to camp with their T- shirt
  • Make sure your daughter brings her ADMISSION CARD to camp.
  • Remember to complete waiver for Skyzone
  • Also make sure to remind your camper to wear his countries color.
  • An important email has been sent to pioneer girls
  • Bring a water bottle today. Going to be hot
  • Campers are to bring swimsuit, towel and water shoes to camp
  • Don't forget to send in medical forms by June 1
  • Don't forget towels for swimming today
  • For tomorrow all pioneers should come in tights for the Power Play


  • Another great week at Stoney Creek!
  • camp is great
  • Dear Parents of Scouts and Adventurer parents. We are sending a letter…
  • Had a great summer I had so much fun
  • Hatzlacha to everyone who is starting yeshiva
  • Hey guys! It's Meir Happy Yom Yerushalyaim
  • scott is great
  • Thanks for an amazing summer guys!
  • What's up shlomo?


  • Are the pictures available to download
  • Are the vans waiting for AC kids?
  • Are we going to have a bus @4.10?
  • Can we send a waver for rafting with the kids tomorrow?
  • Does anyone live in Teaneck would mind driving my son home
  • did anyone take Sarah's backpack by mistake yesterday?
  • Hi, any recommendation of tipping the staff?
  • Hi, does anybody know at what time we should pick up the kids today
  • What happened to the biking activity? Show us some pics!
  • What time is pickup this Friday? 4pm as usual or earlier?

Bus is late

  • 7/26 Delayed about 20 minutes
  • Bus 1 is running 12 minutes late today. (Traffic to BP this morning)
  • Bus 3 broke down, if possible please walk your girls to camp.
  • Bus 401 will be 20 minutes late
  • Bus delayed by a few minutes. Check email for more info. Thank you.
  • Bus delayed this morning by about 15 minutes.?
  • Bus is about 25 minutes late. A substitute driver was just sent.
  • Buses left a couple minutes late today
  • Busses running 10-15 mins late today due to trip
  • Good morning, bus 1 is delayed 12 minutes today

Alumni Updates

  • Alumni dinner - June
  • Alumni Meeting next week
  • Brothers and sisters - join us for sibling day Aug 24